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Profile of the Company

    The Center for Scientific and Technical Research Aileron is engaged in the development of systems and devices for digital processing of signals and information. Our development is a new programmable complex of the equipment of unit-pulse, cycle-to-cycle, scan-to-scan and secondary processing of the signals for a radar complex. The latest algorithms of the forming and processing of the signals were realized in the developed equipment, thanks to which we have improved the radars interference immunity, quality and reliability of information and have substantially reduced the volume of equipment costs; we have made operation more convenient and increased the stability of the transmitting device... 

Sphere of activities

    Scientific and feasibility study and development of the systems for processing of signals and information (including adaptive ones) for a wide range of radio electronic devices.

Development and production of equipment and software for air traffic control (ATC) of civil aviation.

    The Company is engaged in research and development works, including their implementation into production. The developments are realized on the most modern domestic and foreign element-basis of the microprocessing technique. The developments are introduced in Russian ATC radars.

    A number of leading Russian experts, as well as prominent scientists and engineers in the sphere of radioelectronics and computer technique from CIS are cooperating with the Center for Scientific and Technical Research Aileron.

Scientific Chief of the Center

Dr. of tech. Boris M. Vovshin
author of over 100 scientific works Academician of the International Academy of applied radioelectronics, member of IEEE, participant in 10 international conferences, author of several series of lectures on radar technology which were read in USA in 19971999 (included into the reference-book Who is Who in the World for 2001).

The plans of the Aileron center for 2017 year:

  • Modernization and repair and maintenance the ATIS equipment;
  • Implementation the WEB-ATIS service;
  • Installation the ANP-1 equipment. Installation of radio-transparent shelters (RTS) - "Conus";
  • Develop activities in the field of meteorological radio location (DMRL), acoustic Doppler location (profilometers);
  • Development and implementation of radar information processing algorithms.

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